First blog post

12 years ago

My eldest boy Was doing extremely well in his chosen career.he was a chef in the army stationed in Germany.he loved the lifestyle,accumulating awards for various achievements.he visited his two brothers and myself at every opportunity.he loved family time and always made sure his nan had her was good,confidence high.popularity flying.a very caring entertaining humorous boy.we waved him off again after an action packed fun and much laughter filled holiday with us.back to Germany he went we were all in fantastic spirits,you always felt good around my boy.

Ten days later I received a phone call that shattered my little families son was Ill,on a phych ward in a German hospital.

Fast forward to today and the latest news is aswell as paranoid schizophrenia he has bi polar (obviously not at same time)he is currently on section 3 in a new unit.acutely ill.the last 12 years have visibly taken a toll on his youngest son recently visited with me,8years was last time they had seen each middle son cannot visit it’s just been too much and left him struggling to cope. I don’t mean to drip feed,overtime it will unfold.




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